In Flight Compression Socks
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    Size Chart
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    Sandstone or Raven

A patented, graduated compression sock by TravelSox intended for those days when you are flying or just need additional support on those tired legs.  No more achy legs while traveling! Travelsox original graduated compression socks are engineered specifically for the busy traveler. Our patented design helps stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and reduce swelling while traveling in close quarters for extended periods of time. Designed in collaboration with a medical team and tested by pilots and travelers of all ages, Travelsox are proven to alleviate the sensations of tiredness and swelling.

Key Features:
  • 75% Coolmax/15% Lycra/10% Nylon
  • Imported
  • FITTING GUIDE- (SMALL W 5-8 M 5-7) (MEDIUM W 8.5-11 M 7.5-10) (LARGE W 11+ M 10.5-13) (XL M 13.5+) Travelsox Fibers Stretch more than regular socks, for tighter fit select next size down.
  • COOLMAX FIBER- Ideal Compression (10-18 mm Hg) Machine Wash Inside out.
  • ORIGINAL TRAVEL SOCKS- Designed in Italy using a patented design that helps stimulate blood flow, reducing swelling, and can prevent DVT.
  • COMPRESSION- Real Graduated Compression starting mid foot for arch/plantar support and prevent pooling of blood, Two hand adjust to sit right below the knee.
  • TECHNOLOGY- Helps Tired Aching Legs, Prevents Edema, Spider Vein and Varicose Vein Support, reduces swelling, blisters, and Cramps, 100% Made in Italy.

PRICE:  $28.95 

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